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Jewellery and Pawn shop services


Jewellery shop

At GOLD HOUSE you can find fabulous jewellery and watches to accompany your special and every day moments in life. With 20+ experience, we are here to help you choose the perfect item for your needs, while staying on budget.

At our shop you can find engagement and marriage rings, gowns, rosettes, christening crosses, infant jewellery and Constantine amulets.


Gold buying

We can price your items at the highest price of the market. Our pricing procedure allows us to make our offer fast and the price includes the jewellery design, not just the metal (gold, silver). We cover all accompanying gems and craftsmanship of the item.

If you have jewelerry, chains or watches you do not really need, you can bring them to us and we will make you the best offer in the market, so that you can instantly receive cash to spend on other, more urgent needs.

In the case that you do not really wish to relinquish your item, we also offer pawn services.


Pawn shop

If you have jewellery that are no longer trendy and of no emotional value, then this is the perfect opportunity to turn them into cash. Pawning is today’s way to get instant cash so that you can adress your urgent financial obligations.

GOLD HOUSE gives you the best offers in the market, with prices that will really help you financially. Your items will remain safe with us, until you are ready to receive them again.


Watch & jewellery repairs

We understand how important your items are to you. That’s why we go one step further than just repairing: we restore your items to their original state. We offer all kinds of repair services for every brand of watches and jewellery.

Repairs such as battery and strap replace are performed right at the shop, while for more advanced repairs, we work together with top Service Centers in Greece and other countries so that we can offer to you the best possible repair, with genuine parts, fast and cheap.


Meet us

I’m Fotini Topkaroglou. I’ve been working in jewel and gold market for almost two decades. My experience, expertise, understanding and proffecionallism are what drives me when i approach and serve each customer.

My most important goal is to understand your needs and come up with the perfect solution for you. Any person who visits my shop, be it for buying, selling or pawning, you can all be 100% sure I will guide you to the best choice for you.

I sugget (especially for selling or pawning jewellery) to visit us after you have visited other shops and received some offers. Only then will you realise how the GOLD HOUSE experience is the best in the market.

Agias Lavras 92,
Next to ANO PATISSIA station,
111 41, Athens
Phone: 2102582220

MON & SAT: 9am-3pm
TUE to FRI:9am-8:30pm

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